Gino Angeli has become a skillful, imaginative, and motivated Salesforce expert by remaining up to date on industry advancements. He is a Salesforce User Experience (UX) Designer Certified Professional, and he has worked to extend his company's collaborations with various other entities in the sector, continually upgrading the marketing strategy by producing new applications that users may benefit from.

Giovanni Matteo Angeli has pursued a number of entrepreneurial enterprises in addition to his extensive experience as a Salesforce designer. He used his background as an application designer to create a new social networking platform. He has spent the last six years bridging the gap between online group interactions and real-life events. While he recognizes that the internet plays an important role in the development of relationships, he also recognizes that many people are looking for ways to transfer relationships from online to the actual world. His inventive abilities have enabled users to put their events on an interactive map. People can then use geolocation to see where those incidents occurred. This makes it easier for people to look at online relationships, identify where their internet pals hang out and cultivate those relationships in the real world.

Giovanni Matteo Angeli

Gino Matteo Angeli works as the Director of Business Development for LASER Credit Access, a financial technology business that specializes in credit reporting.